Walk through the colorful alleyways that hold rich stories of romance, perseverance and history. During this 3 hour tour you will see the most important monumental sights and learn about the history of Guanajuato and how it came to be the most important city in Mexico’s  independence from Spain. You will hear about legends, heroes and local culture as you are led from one site to another. You will also visit a scenic outlook that offers incredible views of the city and the Monument of El Pipila. Walking is the best way to discover this UNESCO Heritage city so don’t miss this chance to take part of the charm and adventure of Guanajuato.


7-12 People $400 MXN per person

Historical Walking Tour

From$450 MXN
Around $24 USD / 7-12 People $20 USD
2-12 People $900MXN per person

Premium City and Museum tour

From$900 MXN
Around $47 USD
2-9 People $100MXN per person

Rock Climbing La Bufa

From$1,000 MXN
$1000 per person, minimum 2 persons per tour



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